Web Sites

Our customers tell us they love the tools we have setup to manage their web sites.  They tell us we are so easy to use yet fully automated and very professional looking.  Any tool that we have setup is easily adaptable to your organization.  You can turn features on and off with the click of a mouse! 

There are times when you just want to get your web site started or you want to transfer your site to our service.  We can understand the demands on your schedule.  Trust us to build a site for you or transfer all your content from your exisitng site into ours.  We can do it all at a very reasonable price!

Why would you use membership features with your site?  Consolidation and control.  You can easily consolidate how you track members now with our membership tool.  Managing your membership list with us is very easy.  It's online, you control it, you can email your members at any time, it's always up to date, you can export your list and you have complet control.  Consolidate and keep your membership tracking tools in one place, one system.

Service-Life.com™ is offering organizations and businesses a FREE web site for 60 days, with no obligations. Click on Request Information or email us at info@service-life.com to start your web site today! It is that easy!  Most sites are setup the same day.

Designed to be secure!  Using a SSL security certificate, we encrypt your data to and from the site.  Designed to be affordable!  We work hard to keep our pricing very affordable so you can have a very sophisticated and professional web site.  Designed to be easy to use!  Setting up and maintaining your site has never been easier and is so easy to do.  The tools are included in the service to setup pages, online databases, upload files and we make it so easy to maintain!  Minimal time committment!  No special software, training or previous web knowledge needed, very straightforward and easy to use!  You have complete control over your site without the costly fees of asking a programmer to do the work for you.  If you get stuck, friendly and responsive technical support is only an email or phone call away!  All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser to use our service!  Email us at info@service-life.com to get started today!

What is a content management system and why is that important to us?  A content management system (CMS) puts the control of your web site into your hands.  We provide the tools and you provide the content.  Setting up pages is easy and looks professional!  This lets you efficiently and effectively control every aspect of your site!  Our content management system not only includes the ability to manage your webs site but we also give you ability to manage your membership.  Managing your membership means giving each member the ability to update their own personal information such as email and address so you don't have to spend the time.  It also means your membership database is active and always kept up to date.  You can email your membership with ease knowing that email addresses are current.  You can organize your membership into categories for sorting.  You can print your membership directory.  You can let your members print their own directory and they can search the directory.  A fully automated, fully robust Content Management System puts you in control of your web site and membership!  This saves you time and it saves you money!  

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